World Intellectual Property Day Panel Discussions – Innovation: Improving Lives

The U.S. Embassy celebrated “World Intellectual Property Day” on April 26 with an engaging panel discussion  in Bangkok featuring Thai inventors, and representatives from the government, private sector, and the United Nations centered around this year’s theme – “Innovation: Improving Lives.”

In his opening remarks, Deputy Chief of Mission Peter Haymond emphasized the importance of respecting and protection intellectual property to foster creativity and encourage innovations that make our lives better, such as life-saving, advanced medicines.

“When Intellectual Property is respected and protected, in an environment that helps and rewards risk-takers who create and innovate, you will see businesses that are willing to invest in new technology, and more importantly, willing to invest in people, which is the fundamental objective,” said DCM Peter Haymond,  “Innovation makes lives better.”

The seminar was organized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of the U.S. Embassy, which is committed to partnering with the Thai public and private sector to build a better environment for intellectual property in Thailand.