Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Work Travel Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Students enrolled full-time at an accredited university. A three-year university is acceptable as long as it is accredited. SWT is a program for university students; therefore, only people who are students enrolled full-time at the time of application may participate.

Yes, if they are full-time students and pursuing a degree from an accredited educational institution.

All foreign students studying in China may apply at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing or at a U.S. Consulate there.

In addition to good academic standing and English ability, SWT applicants must convince the visa officer that they will not remain in the United States at the end of their SWT program. Consular officers may ask about a student’s family or financial situation as part of the visa interview. Students must also demonstrate sufficient English and job related skills.

Students should bring all required documents for their visa category. If a student was ever arrested, he/she should bring a copy of the police and court record, no matter how the case was resolved.

The application asks, “Have you ever been arrested?” Answer it correctly, and bring your police and court record, no matter how the case was resolved.

The application asks, “Do you have any family members in the U.S.?” Answer it correctly, regardless of whether you stay in touch with them.

The program start and end dates indicate when a student may begin work and when she must stop working. A student may begin working at any point on or after the program start date, but must end his/her work by the end date of the program.

If a student works beyond the program date, he/she may not be able to participate in the program in future years.

Please check with your sponsoring agency before making any changes in your employment. If you change employment without the permission of your sponsoring agency, your status in the program may be terminated.

If your program is terminated, you must leave the United States immediately.

You may register complaints with the Department of State at and/or 1-866-283-9090; fax (202) 203-5087

However, your U.S. sponsoring organization has primary responsibility for your program. If you have a complaint about your employer, you should first contact your sponsor for assistance.

Contact information for your sponsor can be found in Box #2 of your Form DS-2019.

SWT program regulations limit participation in the program to four months. Program participants should not enter the United States earlier than 30 days before the program start date on the DS-2019 form.

They should return to Thailand and be in the universities before their classes resume.

The end date on the DS-2019 form is the last day a person can WORK in the United States. To ensure that the SWT program does not interfere with university classes and that students do not work past the authorized date, we ask all SWT students to be back before their universities start the new semester.

We take this very seriously and students who remain in the U.S. beyond 30 days after the program end date may have a difficult time obtaining another visa in the future, even if they do not exceed their authorized stay.