Violence in Thailand

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC

We are deeply concerned by the ongoing politically-motivated violence in Thailand. As allies and close friends of the Thai people, we are profoundly saddened by the deaths and injuries that have shaken the country. As a father and grandfather, the death of several innocent children is particularly horrifying, and must at last be a wake-up call to all sides to refrain from violence, exercise restraint, and respect the rule of law.

I call upon Thai authorities to investigate these attacks swiftly and bring those responsible to justice. Violence is not an acceptable means of resolving political differences. We are also concerned by the employment of other tactics that undermine Thailand’s democratic values and processes, inhibit compromise, and further exacerbate political tensions.

The United States of America does not take sides in Thai politics. Ultimately, it is up to the people of Thailand to decide how they will resolve their differences. All sides should commit to dialogue in the spirit of seeking common ground to address differences and find a peaceful, democratic way forward.