U.S. Embassy Partners with Thai Journalists Association

U.S. Embassy Partners with Thai Journalists Association

Today U.S. Embassy Bangkok, in partnership with the Thai Journalists Association (TJA), kicked off a three-day seminar that explains U.S. foreign policy in the region and provides journalists with insight into the full range of U.S.-Thai bilateral cooperation.

During the in-person media workshop, 20 journalists, selected from a nationwide application process, will learn about U.S.-Thai security, economic, environment, law enforcement, and health cooperation and about the visa operations and cultural exchanges that strengthen our people-to-people ties. The diversity of topics reflects the full spectrum of our bilateral partnership.

U.S. Embassy Charge d’Affaires Michael Heath said, “This seminar marks the first collaborative effort of its kind between the U.S. Embassy and TJA, and I am thrilled the participating journalists will spend the next few days learning more about how staff from across the U.S. Embassy partner with their Thai counterparts every day to advance our mutual interests. Like we do across the world, the United States will continue to support a vibrant, free press which keeps us informed, prevents the spread of mis and dis-information, and serves as a cornerstone of democracy.”

Mongkol Bangprapa, TJA President, said this is the first TJA outreach program after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. He said the program “showcases successful teamwork between TJA and the U.S. Embassy in organizing this training program for reporters. We received almost double the number of participant applications than we can accept, showing the expected benefits. Thai reporters will have a more accurate and well-rounded perspective on U.S. Embassy activities in their reporting.”

The three-day program covers a wide range of activities, including interactive panels, virtual events with U.S.-based experts, and engagements with U.S. agencies in Thailand which have been working hand-in-hand with their Thai partners for years. Participants will have an opportunity to meet alumni of U.S. exchange programs and American officers from a range of U.S. agencies to discuss U.S. priorities and to hear examples of successful cooperation.

The program complements other U.S. Embassy-sponsored efforts to partner with Thai media organizations to strengthen reporting skills, identify and counter disinformation, and deepen understanding of specialized topics.

TJA, Thailand’s largest media association, has long worked to protect the rights of journalists, and to build journalism capacity among its membership.

Download high resolution photos here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wEwksQ33m5ZnLQ5ub5dn4seugtUBMlBy