Service Fees

Schedule of Fees for Consular Services

Please review the below information carefully as failure to do so could result in a delay of your requested services.

Consular Fees for U.S. Embassy Bangkok and Consulate General Chiang Mai are paid by one of the two following methods:

1. Onsite during an appointment at the U.S. Embassy Bangkok or Consulate General Chiang Mai:

  • U.S. Dollars or Thai Baht (Old and/or damaged currency cannot be accepted)
  • Most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover)
  • Debit Cards from most major U.S. banks (Other foreign debit cards are NOT accepted)

IMPORTANT: Only the bearer of a Credit or Debit card is permitted to present the card for payment. Payment cannot be accepted via phone. There are no ATM services available at the Embassy or Consulate.

2. By Bank Draft at the official current Consular Exchange Rate (See “Fee Announcement”) for the following services:

IMPORTANT: Please carefully review the respective link for detailed instructions on how to obtain a Bank Draft for your requested service.


  • There is NO expedite service when applying for U.S. passport overseas. The process takes approximately six to eight weeks from the date we receive your application to when you receive your new passport book by mail.
  • Extra pages cannot be added in U.S. passports, you must renew your passport if it is full.


Consular fees are listed in U.S. Dollars. Fees in Thai Baht are calculated using the official Consular Exchange Rate (See “Fee Announcement”) on the day of your appointment and/or the date your Bank Draft is received.

  • Passport
  • Adult (10 years valid passport holder):
    • Book                                                     $130
    • Card                                                      $30
    • Book and card                                     $160
    • Replacement of lost/stolen book    $165
  • First Adult Passport (ages 16 and older):
    • Book                                                      $165
    • Card                                                       $65
    • Book and card                                      $195
    • Replacement of lost/stolen book     $165
  • Minor (Age 0-15):
    • Book                                                      $135
    • Card                                                       $50
    • Book and card                                      $150
    • Replacement of lost/stolen book     $135
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad:  $100
  • Notarial (per notarial seal):  $50
  • Certified Copy:  $50
  • Administrative Processing of Formal Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship:  $2,350
  • Consular Time Fee: As required for fee services performed away from the office or during after-duty hours (per hour or part thereof/per consular employee):  $135

Further information regarding Consular Fees can be found at the U.S. State Department’s official webpage.