Non-Refundable Application Fees

BANK DRAFT is an additional form of payment for Mail-in adult passport renewal service.

Effective on July 13, 2022, Exchange rate for U.S. Mission Thailand will be Baht 37: USD 1. Please use the following rate.

(See Schedule of Fees for Consular Services and current Embassy exchange rate here)

Please select and print one of the following bank draft request form:

Book 4810 THB – print “Bank draft request form_4810” (PDF 356KB)

Card 1110 THB – print “Bank draft request form_1110” (PDF 354KB)

Book and Card 5920 THB – print “Bank draft request form_5920” (PDF 358KB)

IMPORTANT: Please check for correctness on the issued bank drafts (see sample below) prior to leaving the bank. DO NOT write on the bank draft.