Missing Persons

American Citizens Services (ACS) can help you locate an American citizen whom you believe to be missing in Thailand. Please contact us.

U.S. Embassy in Bangkok
Contact: Bangkok Contact Form
Phone: 02-205-4000 (within Thailand)
11-66-2-205-4000 (from the United States)

U.S. Consulate General in Chiang Mai
Contact: Chiang Mai Contact Form
Phone: 053-107-777 (within Thailand)
11-66-53-107-777 (from the United States)

The more information you are able to give us, the more easily we will be able to locate your friend or relative. Thailand is a large country and communications and infrastructure in many parts of the country are not highly developed. Hundreds of thousands of foreigners live in Thailand and millions more visit every year. We estimate that there are about 100,000 Americans in Thailand at any given time. It can be difficult and time consuming to find someone. Please note that ACS is constrained by the Privacy Act of 1974 and cannot share any information about an American citizen with another person without written permission from that citizen. If we are able to locate your friend or relative, we will ask that person to get in touch with you, or to complete a waiver of his or her privacy rights. A sample of this waiver can be found here: Privacy Act Waiver (PDF 28KB).