Power of Attorney

A power of attorney allows you to designate someone to take legal actions on your behalf. A common example of this is empowering someone else to buy or sell property in the U.S. in your name while you are overseas. We cannot advise you on the specific language or content of a power of attorney, so you may wish to consult a lawyer or other appropriate advisor before coming to see us to have your power of attorney notarized.

Blank Power of Attorney forms are available online: for Bangkok (PDF 34 KB) or for Chiang Mai (PDF 162KB), or you may use one supplied to you by your attorney, bank, or company.

Please fill out the form before you come to our offices, but do not sign it in advance. You will sign in the presence of a Consul.

Fee: $50 for each Power of Attorney.

For other specific types of affidavits that we typically provide, please visit the Notaries Public information page.