Acknowledgement of Signature

An Acknowledgement of Signature or Acknowledgement of Execution is a notary which verifies that a particular person signed a given document. It is often used for legal agreements, business documents, etc. It is also used when more than two signatures are required on the document but all of the parties who must sign are not present. We can notarize (or acknowledge) only the signatures of those who are present to sign in front of us or appear in front of us and verify that they have signed the document.

In order for the document to be notarized please ensure that:

  • The document is complete and all pages, information and accompanying documents are filled out and included;
  • The pages are in order and the page(s) that requires the notary seal is clearly flagged on the edge of the document;
  • The name of the individual signing the document matches the name on the presented identification (i.e., passport or other government issued ID).

Please note, the notarizing officer cannot provide advice or assistance with your document, nor can s/he serve as a witness.  Additionally, the document cannot be altered after the signer has sworn and a seal has been placed.  If you have questions about your document please reach out to receiving authority or an attorney to make sure you comply with their requests prior to your appointment.

Fee: $50 per notary seal.