Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a medical emergency and/or are in need of immediate medical assistance please dial 191 from any Thai phone.

There are no public medical facilities or physicians at U.S. Embassy Bangkok or Consulate General Chiang Mai.

Americans in need of medical assistance in Thailand must utilize local Thai hospitals and clinics. Most healthcare services in Thailand are first world, and many doctors have received training in the United States or other Western countries. Many private hospitals have foreign language interpreters. Most public and private hospitals have medical centers with doctors practicing a wide variety of specialties. Hospitals outside of the capital may not be able to offer a wide range of English services. If you require medical assistance you can find a list of medical establishments, laboratories, and professional in Bangkok, central Thailand, southern Thailand, and northeastern Thailand here (PDF 297KB). You can find a list for Chiang Mai and northern Thailand here (PDF 358KB).

IMPORTANT: The Embassy and Consulate cannot provide payment for medical services, nor can it provide any assurances or guarantees to medical facilities that Americans will pay (or have the resources to pay) fees related to any service or treatment they may receive.