The United States Commends Thailand for Ivory Destruction

The United States applauds the important action by the Royal Thai Government, working with local non-governmental organizations and international partners, in the destruction of confiscated stockpiles of 2.1 tons of ivory on August 26, 2015. The Thai government has joined the United States and other nations in destroying ivory and trafficked wildlife items to send a clear message that the illicit commerce which fuels the slaughter of protected species such as elephants has no place in the world.

The demand for ivory and other illicit wildlife products has led to the massive killing of elephants and other iconic species. Today’s event, along with ongoing efforts such as strengthening protection of African elephants under Thai law and tightening regulations on the sale of ivory, signal the Royal Thai Government’s commitment to ending wildlife trafficking, a global challenge with conservation, economic, health, and security dimensions.

Officials from the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, including Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Kristina Kvien, observed the destruction event. The United States remains deeply committed to working in partnership with Thailand and other governments, as well as local communities, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and others to strengthen the global commitment to end wildlife trafficking.