Secretary Michael R. Pompeo Briefing With Journalists from East Asian and Pacific Media Outlets

SPECIAL BRIEFING MARCH 30, 2020 MS WALSH:  So our first question will to go Straits Times, Nirmal Ghosh. QUESTION:  Good morning, Mr. Secretary. SECRETARY POMPEO:  Good morning. QUESTION:  Can you hear me? SECRETARY POMPEO:  Yes, I can hear you just fine, sir. QUESTION:  Right.  Nirmal Ghosh, Straits Times.  Thank you very much.  How do you see U.S.-China relations ... Read More»

U.S. Support for ASEAN in Fighting COVID-19

FACT SHEET OFFICE OF THE SPOKESPERSON MARCH 31, 2020 As the leader in the global health and humanitarian response to COVID-19, the United States has acted swiftly to support our ASEAN partners in combating the COVID-19 virus. Since the outbreak began, the U.S. government has provided approximately $18.3 million in emergency health and humanitarian assistance to ... Read More»
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