POW/MIA Recognition Day 2016

Ambassador Davies spoke at the National POW/MIA Recognition Day event at the U.S. Embassy September 16. “We pause today to reflect on the heroism of the thousands of Americans and their allies who endured the hardship of enemy confinement,” said Ambassador Davies. “We also reflect on the tens of thousands whose fate remains unknown and are still missing in action.” Ambassador Davies stated that this year’s National POW/MIA Recognition Day ceremony was a tribute to Mr. Phisit Intrarathat a former Thai POW who passed away but had been an honored guest and speaker at many previous POW/MIA recognition day events at the Embassy.

Each year since 1986, the President of the United States of America issues a proclamation commemorating National POW/MIA Recognition Day on the third Friday of September. The observance is to honor and recognize the sacrifices of those Americans who have been prisoners of war and to remind the Nation of those who are still missing in action.