Great and Good Friends

Great and Good Friends

Our story begins two centuries ago when an American sea captain entered the port of Bangkok and initiated a historic friendship between two nations.

However, over decades, the expeditions, treaties, and state visits that became the chapters of this shared history forged what today is an important and lasting relationship.

To commemorate 200 years of friendship, Great and Good Friends featured royal gifts from King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit, King Prajadhipok, King Chulalongkorn, and King Mongkut. These gifts, many of which were being displayed in Thailand for the first time, embody the significant chapters from this history and tell a story of two worlds uniting on the basis of goodwill and understanding.

Great and Good Friends was exhibited at the Queen Sirikit Musuem of Textiles in 2018. You can explore the virtual exhibition via Google Arts & Culture platform at

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