Launch of Greyhound Café’s New American Menu

U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Peter Haymond joined Greyhound Café Managing Director Pornsiri Rojmeta and a group of media and food bloggers for a special luncheon to celebrate the launch of Greyhound Café’s new American menu. Under the theme, “A Taste from the Heart,” Greyhound Café’s Executive Chef Harit Vejakul created 12 new unique dishes that incorporate American ingredients with Thai touches. The dishes, that range from appetizers to desserts, are made with quality U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA-grade ingredients such as Washington apples, California cheese and milk, potatoes, as well as U.S. beef and seafood. “I have a deep love for Thailand and Thai food. However I also keep a special place in my heart for the foods from the United States,” said Deputy Chief of Mission Peter Haymond. “This event highlights how farmers, artists, and business people of the United States and Thailand work together to successfully blend our two cultures.” The special menu is available now at Greyhound Cafes nationwide until March 31.