Staff members of Thai museums participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program on Museum Management

Eight members of the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles (QSMT), and two from King Prajadhipok Museum participated in the IVLP on Demand ‘Museum Management’ which took place from November 3-13, 2018. They had the opportunity to visit U.S. art, history, and ethnic museums to meet with arts administrators, exhibit designers, architects, educators, patrons, and students; to study U.S. best practice in museum management, including storage, conservation, and registration; to deepen their institutional connections with U.S. cultural institutions; and to learn how U.S. museums encourage and promote community growth and stability by encouraging civic pride, tourism, as well as an interest in local history and culture. The group has learned that the American museums’ key to success is in their public participation in the management of their local museums.