A group of Thai scholars, environmentalist, and marine biologist participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program on Environmental Issues

Khun Chalatip Junchompoo, Marine Biologist of the Marine and Coastal Resources Research and Development Center; Dr. Narongpan Chunram, Lecturer of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University; Khun Padinya Aree, Trash Hero; and Ajarn Sarawut Siriwong, Lecturer in Marine Science, Burapha University, Chantaburi Campus, participated in IVLP “Environmental Issues” from November 5-23, 2018 in Washington, DC; New York, NY; Boston, MA; Corpus Christi, TX; and San Francisco, CA. They had the opportunity to examine state and federal environmental protection laws; to examine fisheries industry, including sustainable fisheries; to explore marine biology, biodiversity, and ecology conservation programs; and to explore the role of NGOs (science, tools and volunteers) in clean oceans and educational efforts.