His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Birthday Message by President Barack Obama

Your Majesty:

On behalf of the American people, it gives me great pleasure to offer our warmest congratulations to you on the occasion of your birthday this December 5.

As we discussed when I had the honor of an audience with you in Bangkok last year, the United States deeply values our alliance and partnership with Thailand. This year, we are celebrating the 180th year of our steadfast friendship, as we mark the anniversary of the 1833 Treaty of Amity and Commerce between our nations. The treaty states, in its preamble, that our sincere friendship” will govern our relations “so long as heaven and earth shall endure.” This spirit continues to guide U.S.-Thai cooperation, which is broad, deep, and unshakable. As we continue to strengthen our partnership on matters of security, trade and investment, and human development, I believe the future of our relationship is bright.

I wish you and the people of Thailand the very best on this special day.


Barack Obama