FAS Administrator Karsting in Thailand

On August 10, 2016, U.S. Embassy Bangkok welcomed Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Administrator Phil Karsting to Thailand. FAS Administrator Karsting met with Thammachart Seafood team who is the leading importer of U.S. seafood such as U.S. king salmon, Alaska king crab, cod fish, lobster, oysters, and more. A highlight of FAS Administrator Karsting’s visit was serving as sous chef to Chef Benjamin B. from The DOCK Seafood Bar, operated by Thammachart Seafood Retail, as they prepared a special dish: U.S. Scallop Tom Yam Au Gratin. Top quality U.S. seafood is sustainably managed against over fishing using science based methods focused on maintaining and rebuilding stocks and preserving the environment. The United States is committed to traceability and accountability. In addition to being a healthy choice, U.S. seafood is remarkably pure and free of contamination from pesticides, metals, and bacteria. The leading U.S. fish and seafood exports to Thailand included tuna, Sockeye salmon, Alaska Pollock, lobsters, cod, scallops, and more.