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Who we are

“Peace Corps is an international development organization and independent agency of the executive branch of the United States Government. Peace Corps sends trained American men and women overseas to promote world peace and friendship through sustainable, grassroots development assistance and cultural exchange. Based in Bangkok, Peace Corps has a long history in Thailand with nearly 6,000 Volunteers serving over nearly 60 years. Volunteers have lived and served in every province in Thailand with current programming focused on Education and Youth Development. To learn more visit”

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:


The Driver transports Peace Corps staff, Volunteers and other personnel conducting official Peace Corps business. S/he assures that vehicles are properly maintained and operated according to Peace Corps and US Government guidelines, and manufacturer specifications.

Review detailed Driver Statement of Work here.


Under the supervision of the Director of Management and Operations (DMO), the employee serves as the principal Class B Cashier for Peace Corps Thailand and performs a variety of cashiering and financial management functions. The Cashier has full responsibility for the disbursement, accountability, examination, safekeeping, replenishment, and management of Post’s Imprest fund. The Cashier deals directly with the US Disbursing Office (Financial Services Center), Peace Corps/Washington staff (including the Cashier Liaison and the staff of the Financial Management Office), local banks, vendors, Peace Corps/Thailand staff, Pre-Service Training (PST) contractors, and Volunteers. The Cashier makes payments to vendors, staff, and Volunteers via cash payments, ensuring that all such payments are valid, authorized, and properly documented and recorded. The Cashier is also responsible for a variety of additional financial and administrative tasks as assigned by the DMO. Peace Corps Thailand has diversified funding that includes Peace Corps appropriated funds, host country contributions, reimbursable funds from other agencies, and private sector donations. The Cashier is responsible for making payments from the imprest fund, preparing housing reimbursement vouchers, and monthly allowances for Volunteers.

Review detailed Cashier Statement of Work here.


The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for all domestic travel conducted by Peace Corps Thailand staff and provides a full range of logistical support to the Peace Corps Thailand program. Working under the direct supervision of the General Services Manager (GSM), the Logistics Coordinator is responsible for fleet management, including managing drivers, vehicle requests and scheduling, vehicle ordering/disposals, vehicle maintenance, VMIS/vehicle record keeping, and contracted transportation services. The Logistics Coordinator also has responsibility for air travel arrangements, route and itinerary planning, and acquisition of hotel accommodations for staff. The Logistics Coordinator may also serves as the back-up GSM and performs other duties, as needed.

Review detailed Logistics Coordinator Statement of Work here.


Under the supervision of the Director of Management and Operations (DMO), the Human Resources Specialist coordinates human resource management, including staff recruitment and hiring, managing personnel records, timekeeping, payroll, benefits administration, performance evaluation, staff development, new staff orientation and on-boarding, and annual staff awards program. In addition, HRS cross-trains on Peace Corps financial and administrative systems to provide back up and support when needed on aspects of financial and administrative operations. Performs all functions and tasks within internal control guidelines ensuring separation of duties and appropriate control of processes. Coordinates with PC/Washington and various U.S. Embassy units.

Review detailed HRS Statement of Work here.


The General Services Assistant (GSA) works under the direction of the General Services Manager (GSM) with a broad range of general services activities. The GSA also supports the DMO with various administrative duties as assigned or necessary for effective post operations. The GSA role encompasses diverse responsibilities; accordingly, the GSA will be a genuine team player who possesses a positive attitude; personal flexibility and self-initiative; and who consistently demonstrates an outstanding work ethic, spirit of cooperation and customer service to assist all constituents. The GSA has primary responsibility for assisting the General Services Manager and DMO with overall post operations. The GSA’s activities include, but are not limited to, the duties and responsibilities in this Statement of Work.

Review detailed GSA Statement of Work here.

Application Period: December 27, 2022 through January 27, 2023

To apply: Submit a complete resume to: during the application period listed above.

Peace Corp Thailand is committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, disability or marital status.