Overseas Seasonal Hire Program for Bangkok

Overseas Seasonal Hire Program (OSHP)

Vacancy Announcement/ General Announcement 

Application Deadline: Interested applicants must complete the OSHP Application Form and submit the supporting documents to BangkokFellowsInterns@state.gov on or before 7:00am (Bangkok Time) March 7, 2022 (Monday).

Employment Dates:  The 2022 OSHP season will have two, four-week sessions: (I) June 21 to July 15, and (II) July 18 to August 11. To be eligible for consideration in the program, applicants must be available to work the entire four consecutive weeks.

Note: OSHP student hires are not eligible for telework. Program participation remains contingent upon staffing needs which may be affected by continued or unforeseen COVID-19 related restrictions.

Eligibility: To be eligible to participate in the OSHP, applicants must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Applicant must either:
    • Meet the definition of EFM child, as set forth in 3 FAM 7120 (under 21 years of age and unmarried); or
    • Be a child undertaking the travel for which a U.S. government employee is authorized to receive an Educational Travel Allowance (under 23 years of age), as set forth in DSSR 280, if that child were to undertake study at a school away from post

Except that in all cases, the applicant must be at least 16 years of age prior to beginning employment at post.


  • Student Status: Must be a full-time or part-time student currently enrolled in a course of study at a high school, college, university, or other educational institution, including on-line. Upon request, applicants must be able to present documentation confirming their student status. Student status does not cease during the break between school years if the break does not exceed twelve (12) months and if the applicant can produce documentation of enrollment for a course of study at a high school, college, university, or other educational institution, including on-line, which will begin immediately after the break.


  • A U.S. government employee is not receiving a Voluntary or Involuntary Separate Maintenance Allowance (VSMA/ISMA) to assist with expenses for the applicant.

NOTE: Under the OSHP, employees are only eligible to work at the U.S. mission abroad where their sponsoring employee is assigned (not TDY).

Compensation: OSHP students will be compensated commensurate with their education and/or experience as of June 1, 2022 following the FS Extended Schedule, at the step 1 level, ranging from FP-EE ($7.25 per hour) to FP-AA ($ 13.35 per hour), and following the chart below.  In no circumstances, can OSHP compensation exceed FP-AA.  Compensation for OSHP students who are non-U.S. citizens and who do not have a U.S. Social Security Number will be determined by GTM/OE.

  • FP-EE: High school student (not yet graduated) (equates to U.S. minimum wage)
  • FP-DD: High school diploma/GED* and three (3) months of work experience
  • FP-CC: High school diploma/GED* and six (6) months of work experience –or- one (1) year of college
  • FP-BB: High school diploma/GED* and one (1) year of work experience –or- two (2) years of college
  • FP-AA: High school diploma/GED* and two (2) years of work experience –or- three (3) years of college
    *General Equivalency Diploma

Benefits: OSHP employees do not accrue and are not eligible for annual leave, sick leave, holiday pay, or danger pay. OSHP employees are not eligible for incentive awards; however, post may offer a certificate of appreciation, if appropriate.

Volunteer/unpaid service under the OSHP is not allowed.

Available Employment Opportunities

The following employment opportunities are available. OSHP applicants must state the specific employment opportunities of interest on the Application Form.

Bangkok OSHP

  1. Executive Office (EXEC)
    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: None

Duties include: The Executive Office Summer Assistant will support the functions of the executive office by facilitating information flow and records management; providing logistical assistance for the CDA and A/DCM’s on-site meetings as needed; completing research; helping to streamline activities and external communications; and other duties as assigned. For the July 4th Event, if one is held, their role would include coordinating volunteers and drafting correspondence.

  1. Economic Section (ECON)
    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: 1 position

Duties include: Our summer office assistant will be responsible for duties, such as organizing files, organizing office spaces, and data entry.

  1. Political Section (POL)
    Number of hours per week: 20-40

Session I: None                                                                      Session II: 1 position 

Duties include: Simplifying and updating the section’s internal webpage. Editing MS Excel documents and upload into a software program. Working with officers to cull files, prepare physical office space for new employees, and inventorying maps and supplies. Assisting the onboarding of new officers by preparing forms, business card orders and giving them tours of the compound. Collecting business cards and entering information into the contacts database.

  1. Consular Section (CONS)
    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: None    

Duties include: This position may assist with projects and tasks in all areas of the Consular Section.  Candidates can expect to assist with developing suitable lists of medical providers in Thailand for the American Citizens Services Unit and proofreading SOPs and creating presentations for the Fraud Prevention and Visa Units.  General administrative tasks may be assigned.

  1. Regional Security Office (RSO)
    Number of hours per week: 32-40

Session I: 1 position                                                                   Session II: 1 position 

Duties include: Join RSO on the front lines of Embassy security. Learn the ins and outs of access control while assisting new arrivals, departing personnel, and everyone in between.  This position has a strong focus on customer service, efficient processes, and learning new database systems.

  1. Management Office (MGT)
    Number of hours per week: 24

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: 1 position     

Duties include: Assist the management office in tasks necessary to maintaining the day to day logistics of Embassy operations.

  1. Community Liaison Office (CLO)
    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 2 positions                                                             Session II: 2 positions 

Duties include: Assist to promote and produce morale enhancing activities to mission Bangkok. The summer is a very busy time for the CLO team and this position will help maintain the post morale programs and events.  This position will update the post welcome video and other Post Info to Go Resources; write articles for About Bangkok; compile and summarize frequently asked questions; update resources our O365; and CLO library improvement.

  1. Information Programs Center (IPC)
    Number of hours per week: 32

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: 1 position

Duties include: Organizing Information Technology (IT) assets. Assist the IRM section by improving the data-quality of IT asset records to increase effectiveness of auto-discovery network agents and enhance post’s ability to quickly complete the annual inventory of IT assets. Locate IT assets and verify serial numbers. Support the daily administrative functions of the office and assist with record keeping of asset locations within the system (ILMS). Assist with the identification and disposal of obsolete IT assets; work with the warehouse to prepare items for online auction through report generation tools (DS132).

  1. Information Systems Center (ISC)
    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: 1 position    

Duties include: This position will assist ISC with basic support, documentation, and maintenance tasks on the DOS unclassified networks.

  1. Health Unit (MED)
    Number of hours per week: 20-40

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: 1 position    

Duties include: Assist with filing and organization of medical files. Assist with medical equipment and pharmacy inventory maintenance. Assist with specialized projects that may involve emergency preparedness, COVID mitigation, records disposition, etc. 

  1. General Services Office (GSO)
    Number of hours per week: 40        

Session I: 3 positions                                                             Session II: 3 positions 

Duties include: Primary responsibilities will be support and administrative assistance of projects for the entire GSO Office.  This position will be tasked with providing administrative support to six GSO portfolio sub-sections:  Procurement, Customs & Shipping, Housing, MVO, Property, and Motor Pool.  Responsibilities include drafting official documentation, analyzing data and updating ICASS/State databases, data entry, document lifecycle management, and other duties.

  1. Facilities Management (FAC)
    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: 1 position 

Duties include: Assist in completion of general facilities management projects and tasks including but not limited to; general administrative tasks, facilities management related record keeping, housing task coordination, and small project coordination.

  1. Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO)
    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: Multiple positions                                                Session II: Multiple positions

Duties include: Attend construction coordination meetings, attend inspections, review submittals and requests for information, other duties as required. This opportunity is open to students in engineering, architecture, or construction management educational program.

  1. Diplomatic Courier Division (BRDCD)
    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: 1 position    

Duties include: Visa and Administrative Assistant – Filling out visa applications and other administrative tasks. In addition to filling out applications the position would be required to work with our LE Staff travel assistant to research visa requirements.

    Number of hours per week: 36

Session I: None                                                                      Session II: 1 position 

Duties include: Assist in the preparation of regular scheduled reports and data analysis. Assist in development and improvement of data collection process. Assist in organizing office special activities/projects and other duties as assigned. 

    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 1 position                                                               Session II: None

Duties include: The incumbent is responsible for asset management for USAID/ RDMA and provides the related services to Regional Executive Office (REXO).  This position will maintain the report of assert, track and maintain database of supply inventory, and coordinate among offices with regards to supply request/deliveries. 

    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: 1 position

Duties include: The incumbent is responsible for switchboard operator, receptionist duties for USAID/RDMA. The incumbent provides administrative services to the Regional Executive Office (REXO). This position will operate the switchboard services, track and maintain routine service information, mail deliveries/pick-up records, and coordinate with the offices in maintaining list of expected visitors.

    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: None                                                                      Session II: 1 position

Duties include: Manage and log documents and invoices transactions in Phoenix financial system and ASSIST document system.  Manage mail log and electronic documents for accounting and payments sections.  Assist in general administrative/clerical tasks (taking notes, filing, arranging meetings).

    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: 1 position    

Duties include: This position will be used to give administrative support to the JUSMAG Joint Training Division by supporting the in processing and English language test requirements of Thai military students going to the US for training.  The position will also give administrative support to the record keeping, copying, and filing of past student records.

    Number of hours per week: 20-35

Session I: 1 position                                                                    Session II: 1 position 

*This position is contingent upon funding.

Duties include: This position will support marketing activities for the marketing team. Additionally this position will assist the team in regular office duties, including paper shredding, preparation of “point of sale” materials, delivery of “point of sale” materials, set up for events, etc. Students may assist in development of ideas for social media to posts.

    Number of hours per week: 20

Session I: 1 position                                                                   Session II: None

*This position is contingent upon funding.

Duties include: This position will assist Commercial Officers, Commercial Assistants and Commercial Specialists with market research projects, help update contact lists, assist with development of marketing and promotional materials, and help organize and produce virtual webinars, meetings and conferences.

  1. Force Protection Detachment (FPD)
    Number of hours per week: 40

Session I: 1 position                                                                Session II: 1 position

*This is a new position.

Duties include: This position will assist in clearing, rearranging, and destroying both physical and electronical files. It will also help with escorting visitors and arranging travel and meetings.

Chiang Mai OSHP

  1. Management Office (MGT)
    Number of hours per week: 32

Session I: 1 position                                                              Session II: None    

Duties include: This position will be tasked with updating all documentation to support our housing pool and coordinating with American and LE Staff to collect all necessary documentation.  Documents include, but are not limited to: owner’s manual, instruction books (for upkeep and replacement), maps and drawings, warranties, etc.

HOW TO APPLY: Please read the instructions carefully.  Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.


  • OSHP Application Form
  • Proof of Student Status:
    • Proof of enrollment is not required for those who currently study in Thailand and are supported by the Department of State for tuition fee. Please include which school you attend on the application.
    • Proof of enrollment in an educational program. We will accept a transcript, a letter from the current educational institution, or a current copy of school identification card.
    • Proof of registration to re-enroll in the immediate upcoming regular school term or letter of acceptance for the upcoming academic year at an educational institution/organization. (*If acceptance is pending at time of application, please inform HR. Your application will be accepted, but you must submit proof of enrollment before participating in the OSHP program.)
  • Assignment order of sponsoring employee to U.S. Mission Thailand.
  • Recommended but optional – cover letter


  • Complete the OSHP Application Form.
  • Attach all required documents listed on the checklist above and submit via email to BangkokFellowsInterns@state.gov by 7:00am (Bangkok Time) March 7, 2022 (Monday OOB).  The email subject line should include OSHP – full name (i.e. OSHP – James Doe).
  • Documents should be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Do not submit documents in zip file, or via web links or cloud storage, e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Security Clearance instructions will be sent to all applicants by COB March 09, 2022.

Any questions should be directed to bangkokfellowsinterns@state.gov or April Martin at (66)(2) 205-4431.