Internship Program (Thai Citizens)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: No, we accept a wide variety of majors, to include: Accounting, Asian Studies, Business administration (Finance), Thai Studies, Political Science, Language and Intercultural Communication, Communication Arts, Journalism and Mass Communication, English Literature, Business English/French, Design Business, Engineering, Technology and Management. Additionally, some hiring offices request specific majors such as Law and Media.

A: There is no limit of the number of interns. It depends on the requests from the hiring office. For 2022, we received more than 400 applications and 62 interns were accepted.

A: For 2022, there were 50 Hiring Offices which includes 6 from Chiang Mai.

A: Yes. Up to a maximum of three.

A: No English Proficiency Test needed but must be able to communicate and have a good working knowledge. The English proficiency will be evaluated by hiring officer during the interview.

A: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Thai citizen;
  • Be a full-time third or fourth year undergraduate student at an accredited university located in Thailand, with at least one semester remaining before graduation/certification;
  • Minimum 2.80 GPA;
  • Possess good working knowledge of English; and
  • Complete a security clearance (after selection).

A: The internship positions must be advertised in order to apply. When open, apply via complete online application at

A: Based on required qualifications that were advertised.

A: All criteria are important and required. Intern applicants must meet all the qualifications in order to pass the pre-screen review.

A: Yes, it is one of the required qualifications.

A: Complete all questions on the online application. Carefully read and follow the instructions. You must specifically and clearly document your qualifications on the online application such as education, work experience, language, skills and job knowledge related to the requirements of each position.

A: Check the website regularly for the vacancy announcement (VA). Identify professors who can prepare letters of recommendation. Conduct mock interviews in English.

A: Yes! We encourage applicants from all provinces.

A: Not in Thailand, no. Other U.S. Missions in other countries may offer similar internships programs for nationals of that country.

A: This depends on the job in which they were selected. Interns can perform any tasks that assigned or guided by supervisor.

A: Attend special Event e.g. Secretary of State visit, Travel, Meeting new people, getting out of comfort zone, friendly workshop environment and activities prepared for interns.

A: There are more than 1,500 Locally Employed (LE) Staff positions in the U.S. Mission Thailand. Please visit the U.S. Embassy website regularly to see available opportunities and apply for those in which you are qualified. New vacancy announcements are posted every Friday.

A: YES! You can apply for as many as positions for which you meet all qualifications of each vacancy announcement, including positions that you may have interviewed but were not selected for in the past. Each job vacancy announcement has specific criteria for consideration as follows:

  • Type of candidates: Please ensure that you are eligible to apply for the position which you apply for. To learn more about eligibility, click Who May Apply.
  • Qualification Requirements: You must meet all qualification requirements of the position to be considered for the position.
  • Required documents: Different position may require different supporting documents. Please review your application packet before submitting your application. You need to clarify your qualifications clearly on the online application such as education, work experience, language, skills and job knowledge related to the requirements of each position. For example, if the position requires Thai and English skills, you must clarify both language skills in your online application.

It is your responsibility to clarify all requirement qualifications and upload all required documents by the deadline of each vacancy announcement.