U.S. Consulate: Then & Now

The history of American engagement in northern Thailand is a story of friendship and cooperation. It is a story of two great nations and the many good people who have worked to make life better for generations of Thais and Americans. Starting with the arrival of American missionary Rev. Daniel McGilvary in Chiang Mai in 1867, countless teachers, students, entrepreneurs and government officials have built the foundations on which our relationship stands.

As the U.S. Consulate General celebrates its 70th anniversary in Chiang Mai, we reflect on the many friendships formed and all of the great and good things Americans and Thais have achieved together in security, prosperity, education, and public health. We are honored to be the oldest foreign consulate in northern Thailand and proud of all we have done together with our Thai partners to fight drugs, cure disease, educate our children, and preserve and share our cultures for generations to come.

But that’s just the beginning. This year, we will begin building a new Consulate compound that will last well into the third century of our great and good friendship. This is a concrete sign of our long-term commitment to the people of northern Thailand and the future of our partnership. We have a proud history and a bright future together. Thank you to all of our Thai and American friends throughout northern Thailand. I look forward to everything we will achieve together in the next 70 years!

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