Regional Security Office

The Embassy’s Regional Security Office (RSO) provides an array of security services to officers and staff within the official mission community as well as people in private business, the host government, and the general public.

The Security team at Embassy Bangkok is comprised of direct hire Special Agents of the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service, a Security Engineering Office, Office Support Personnel, a Marine Security Guard (MSG) Detachment, Foreign Service National Investigators (FSNI) and Embassy Security Guards.

The Mission of the RSO

The primary responsibility of the RSO is to create a safe environment in which the U.S. Government can carry out its diplomatic mission. The RSO does this by instituting procedures and countermeasures that make it more difficult for our personnel and facilities to be targeted by hostile elements. In addition to serving as the Ambassador’s principal liaison with host country law enforcement, the RSO conducts criminal and personnel investigations, assists other U.S. law enforcement agencies, reports on incidents involving terrorism and crime, assesses and maintains technical security equipment. The RSO provides security related guidance and training to Chief of Mission Personnel, the Royal Thai Police, as well as to the American private sector. The RSO also coordinates the protective elements for visiting VIP’s.

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