Management Section

The Management Office of U.S. Embassy Bangkok provides the full range of management services to nearly 4,000 customers at U.S. Mission Thailand, and regionally to other posts in the East Asia and Pacific Region (EAP). The office oversees the following separate sub-functions, which are staffed by 365 American and Thai personnel, all of whom fall under the supervision of the Management Counselor. The Management Office consists of the Management Counselor, Deputy Management Counselor, Administrative Management Specialist, and Office Management Assistant.

Financial Management Center (FMC): The FMC provides comprehensive financial services to the Mission via five departments: Budgeting, Accounting, Travel Vouchering, Non-Travel Vouchering and Cashiering. The FMC also provides full financial services support to Embassy Dili (Timor) and formal consulting services to Embassy Vientiane (Laos).

Regional Human Resources (RHR): The RHR Office provides a full spectrum of Human Resources services to approximately 4,000 employees and their dependents across Thailand, as well as Dili, Timor-Leste and Vientiane, Laos.  The Bangkok Regional Classification Center (BRCC) provides position classification for all posts in EAP.  HR services include: processing the arrival and departure of employees and dependents; obtaining Thai permits to stay and Diplomatic ID cards; coordinating the Duty Officer program; processing personnel actions; managing the Overseas Summer Hire Program, the State Department Student Intern Program, the Foreign National Student Intern Program, and several Fellowship Programs.  The RHR Office also manages manpower utilization; the mission awards program; recruits and hires Eligible Family Member and Locally Employed Staff (LE Staff) positions; addresses Equal Employment Opportunity issues; acts as the authority for conduct and discipline; provides services related to LE Staff compensation and benefits; and coordinates performance management for LE Staff and State Department U.S. Direct Hire employees.

Information Resource Management (IRM): The IRM Office maintains and manages the lines of communication at the Embassy in Bangkok both internally and to the rest of the world, including telephones, mail, computers/internet/mobile devices, and radios. The Bangkok IRM section also provides regional IRM Temporary Duty (TDY) personnel support for all EAP posts.

General Services Office (GSO): The GSO is among the largest sections in the Mission in both personnel and scope of work. Its six departments are the Mission Visitors Office, Customs and Shipping, Motor Pool, Property and Supply, Procurement and Contracting, and Housing.

Facility Maintenance Section (FM): The FM section provides maintenance and repair services to government owned buildings and residences, along with servicing government installed appliances in all residences. The 107 member staff consists of engineers, supervisors, foremen, tradesmen, building and safety inspectors, clerks, and administrative personnel.  The FM section handles in excess of 1000 work orders per month, generated via the Global Maintenance Management System (GMMS) and MyServices.  In addition to the numerous work orders received, FM also performs many improvement projects and seasonal House-Make-Readies (HMR) for new arrivals.  The Post Occupational Safety and Health Officer (POSHO) is also part of the FM portfolio and they are responsible for performing safety inspections and certifications of all residential units.  FM Contract Monitors provide oversight for contracted services such as gardeners and janitors, swimming pool cleaning, integrated pest management, and water quality contracts, just to name a few.  FM also provides regional support to Consulate Chiang Mai and Embassy Dili, Timor-Leste.  The Facility Maintenance Section is dedicated towards providing a safe and efficient working environment for all our customers.

Medical Unit (MED): The MED Unit provides primary care, specialty referral, basic laboratory testing and phlebotomy services. The MED Unit also provides and supervises healthcare to missions in Chiang Mai and Udan Thani in Thailand and missions in Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Community Liaison Office (CLO): The CLO serves Mission employees and their family members by helping them transition into/out of the area and by providing support during their stay. CLO’s services include serving as a family member employment liaison, crisis management and security liaison, education liaison, and community liaison in addition to offering information and resource management, guidance and referral, welcoming and orientation, and events planning.