Community Engagement Exchange (CEE) Specialists Program

The Community Engagement Exchange (CEE) Specialists Program is a unique program that provides continued leadership opportunities for U.S. government (USG) alumni or Thai civil society experts and connect them to a global network of engaged professionals and visionaries.  CEE Specialists are civil society leaders from around the world with expertise in at least one of the five program themes as follows:

  • Civic dialogue and peacebuilding,
  • Open and participatory government
  • Resilience and sustainable development
  • Women and gender
  • Youth engagement

This exchange program is open to leaders who are committed to connecting the next generation of civil society leaders to professional networks and resources.

This program creates a dynamic global network of innovators, working with communities to address critical 21st Century issues.  It equips dedicated visionaries, ages 21 to 28, with the expertise, skills and resources to develop multisector approaches and build healthy and engaged communities in over 100 countries.

CEE Specialists do this through mentoring, contributions to CEE’s leadership curriculum, supporting follow-on projects, and eventually hosting or attending events at CEE’s regional Innovation Hubs, which will serve as regional centers of civic activity for program alumni.  Specialists are essential contributors to CEE’s goal to build a global civil society ecosystem.

Who is a CEE Specialist?

CEE Specialists are U.S. Government (USG) alumni or civil society experts nominated by U.S. embassies. Once nominated, individuals will have the opportunity to apply for this opportunity to support global civil society.

CEE Specialists are passionate civil society professionals excited to contribute to the global civil society ecosystem. They will serve as role models and subject matter experts for CEE Fellows. Their professional insights and access to civil society networks will empower CEE Fellows to reach their full potential.

Selected CEE Specialists will be committed to the personal, leadership, and professional development of the emerging civil society leaders through the CEE Program.

Specialists will be selected based on the strength of the following criteria:

  • Substantive leadership in international, regional, or local civic engagement
  • Experience and interest in at least one of the five Community Engagement Exchange themes
  • Demonstrated commitment to collaborative leadership and community building
  • Expressed commitment to supporting CEE Fellows throughout the duration of the program
  • Existing civil society networks and a willingness to connect CEE Fellows to the people in them

Who is eligible?

CEE Specialists must have significant demonstrated professional experience in civil society and community engagement. CEE Specialists will also receive in-person mentorship training and participate in the U.S.-based orientation for CEE Fellows in Detroit, Michigan, tentatively scheduled for January 2023.

Why be a CEE Specialist?

  • Mentor emerging civil society leaders
  • Collaborate on community projects across the globe
  • Participate in the CEE Leadership and Civic Engagement Academy
  • Receive advanced training in mentorship
  • Travel the world to speak at events, receive training, or collaborate on innovative projects
  • Connect with global civil society leaders and initiatives

In order to apply for this opportunity, individuals must be nominated by U.S. Embassy, Bangkok.  Please submit your application form,, by February 22, 2022.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for nomination.  The final participants will be notified in May 2022.

For questions regarding the CEE Specialists, please contact