Chargé d’affaires W. Patrick Murphy’s Opening Remarks for Royal Thai Police Canine Training Facility Opening Ceremony

Monday, March 2 at 10:00 a.m., Cha-am

Cooperation between Thailand and the United States in the fight against terrorism and thwarting international criminal syndicates is one example of collaboration that has regional as well as global benefits.  Although Thailand is managing a return to democracy, necessary to restore our relationship to maximum capacity, we continue cooperation on issues that matter to the security and well-being of our countries and the region.

The Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) program has assisted Thailand since 1989 to enhance counterterrorism capabilities, amplify respect for human rights, and build bilateral and regional cooperation.  The ATA program and our Embassy’s Regional Security Office offer highly specialized and cutting-edge law enforcement training to combat the spread of transnational terrorism, tighten borders, and prevent/investigate terrorist attacks.

ATA/RSO has trained more than 2,500 Royal Thai Government officials, which has benefitted the careers of many senior law enforcement leaders.  ATA has provided more than two dozen explosive detection dogs, who have responded to thousands of incidents throughout Thailand and assisted numerous U.S. Embassy functions.

ATA and RSO have provided 12 new dogs for this course who will eventually replace aging law enforcement working dogs scheduled for retirement.  I am pleased to report that ATA and RSO will provide 10 more dogs later this year to help revitalize the explosive detection kennels and increase capacity.  ATA and RSO are also providing five weeks of handler training to 12 Royal Thai Police officers plus observers who will learn how to train the explosive detection dogs and properly care for them.

The Royal Thai Police will be able to use the new indoor training facility to work with the dogs uninhibited by weather, extending the lifetime of the dogs and expanding training opportunities.