25th Annual Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) Thailand

The 25th annual Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) Thailand were held at Sattahip Naval Base in Chonburi from May 29 – June 8. It featured more than a dozen ships and aircraft from the U.S. Navy, notably the Boeing P-8 Poseidon, and those from the Royal Thai Navy engaged in the training. The entire spectrum of naval operations and subject matter expert knowledge exchanges was covered this year. Examples were Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), submarine operations, tactics tabletop exercises and joint practical dives. Community relations was also an integral part of CARAT Thailand 2019, with integrated sporting and music events at local schools.

CARAT, the U.S. Navy’s oldest and longest continually running regional exercise in South and Southeast Asia, strengthens partnerships between regional navies and enhances maritime security cooperation throughout the Indo-Pacific. The Royal Thai Navy has been a part of the annual CARAT series since the exercise began in 1995.