Alaska Seafood for Restaurant Seminar

On April 7, 2022, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute‘s (ASMI) Southeast Asia regional representative conducted a restaurant seminar at The Surawongse Bangkok Marriott Hotel. Participants in the event included 25 restaurant managers and chefs who are buying or interested in using Alaska Seafood products in their restaurants. Ms. Kelly Stange, Agricultural Counselor of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Bangkok attended the event and delivered opening remarks to welcome the guests.

The seminar aims to increase the awareness of “Alaska” as a reliable source of wild-caught, high-quality, and sustainable seafood products among Thailand’s HRI outlets, chefs, restaurant managers, and consumers. For several months following the seminar, ASMI will be conducting menu promotions with restaurants that participated in the programs.

Participants in the event tasted Thai and fusion menus developed by award-winning chefs, Chef Gai-Thanunya Kaikaew and Chef X-Attapol Naito Thangthong. Some of the featured dishes were Alaska Pollock Wellington with Duxelle Sunchoke Puree, Alaska Coho Salmon Granita, Alaska Kao Chae (Songkran Savory Rice), and Taro Custard Crumble with Sun-Dried Alaska Pollock Creme Brulee. The two chefs also shared their experiences about the latest trends in food innovation and discussed how Covid-19 has impacted Thailand foodservice and consumer sectors.